Monday, October 27, 2008

angeli & john's wedding

*phew* so here it is, a wedding I shot last month (Sep 2008) in Newport Beach
for an awesome couple...Angeli & John, thank you for allowing us to be part
of your special day!

Angeli had made her bouquet out of cala lilies

Angeli all dressed up just before the ceremony

John with the groomsmen

Angeli & John with the groomsmen

John waited so patiently for his bride

may I have the rings please?

married at last!

first dance

look who has the upper hand :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

north carolina trip sep 2008

I took a couple of trips back-to-back during the end of Aug and
beginning of Sep 2008.
My first trip was to Indiana (where I was born),
which was at the end of Aug 2008.
I'm hoping to post that trip some day :)
This post will be the trip I took with my sweetie Kevin, back to NC.
our first stop was Boone, NC...Kevin's hometown.

guess who was hanging out in the backyard

I was told it was a good thing I didn't touch this. cute, but has a nasty sting.

we took a trip to Grandfather Mountain

bridge is pretty high up and swings!
some people made it across, but were too scared to walk back across it.

overheard this
bald eagle was shot and after being rehabilitated back to health, was unable to fly.

look cute don't they? apparently they're not as cute as they look...
one of the keepers told us they will break your bones if you get too close.

off to see the waterfalls

here I am with Kevin (yes, he's younger than I am,
especially with that goofy haircut---I can't cut hair, but I try) :-)

Kevin said the waterfall used to be higher when he was younger.
I guess a lot of the rock eroded away.

this is looking the opposite direction from the waterfall


off to visit Kevin's grandmother in Newland, NC

these grow wild on her land...I think they're wild blackberries

she grows Christmas trees...lots of people out there do as well

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

sep 12, 2008 wedding teaser

on Sep 12, 2008 I shot a wedding that took place
in Newport Beach on a boat. I'm planning to do a
more lengthy post the meantime, here's one of
Angeli in the hotel room shortly before the ceremony