Tuesday, July 29, 2008

wildflower triathlon ~ may 2-4, 2008

anyhooo...nothing new and exciting at the present moment, so I thought I'd post about a triathlon I did back in May 2008. I didn't actual do the whole triathlon myself, I was part of a relay team...I did the bike portion. this triathlon event is actually a set of three triathlons called "Wildflower" located in Lake San Antonio, CA (which is near Paso Robels, CA). the tri I was part of was the olympic course (1.5 k-swim, 40 k-bike, 10 k-run...in miles: 0.93 mi-swim, 24.85 mi-bike, 6.2 mi-run). the three triathlons are the mountain bike course, the long course, and the olympic course.

you can read more about Wildflower here:


Mike doing the mountain bike course. this was Mike's first triathlon (wtg Mike!)

James as he's starting the 56 mile bike ride part of the long course. James did the entire long course on Saturday, then did the swim for the olympic relay on Sunday. the long course is basically a half iron man...1.2 mi-swim, 56 mi-bike, 13.1 mi-run *wow*

the start of the olympic course swim. I've never done the swim, but
from what I've been told, if you're up front, you will get slugged & slapped in the face and kicked as well. (sounds like fun huh?)

here I am back from the 24.85 mile hilly bike ride. I really pushed myself
on this because I knew I wasn't doing the 10k run afterwards :-)

Kevin (in red) as he's finishing up a 6.2 mile run part of the olympic course relay. thing about doing a relay is, the runner gets all the glory!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

lake mohave - nevada arizona border

this past weekend some friends and I went to lake mohave, just north of laughlin, NV. the lake is actually the borderline between NV and AZ. did some wakeboarding, and considering it was my 3rd time going, plus the last time I went was over 3 years ago, I'd say I did pretty darn good. although, there aren't any photos of me (I didn't want sunscreen on my camera). :-) I was able to catch some nice photos of my friends Michelle & Donovan.

here's Michelle:

here's Donovan doing a tail grab

some of the scenery:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

canon 500D close-up lens

just got it in the mail yesterday, the canon 500D close-up lens. here's a sample photo using it on my 70-200mm. it's no macro lens, but it's definitely an affordable alternative, at about $150. another nice feature is its size, it's about the same size as a filter.