Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nikki & joel :: wedding

I'm back in town, and ready for the new year! well, sorta ready.
ready or not, it's coming. I know I'm a tad slow on the blog posts, considering
it's now Dec 30th, and my last post was Dec 14th.

without any further delays, another lovely couple, Nikki & Joel,
married on Nov 15th, right on the sands of Laguna Beach.

here comes the bride!

bridal party striking a pose!

Nikki really wanted a photo with her grandmother. this one was one of my faves, so cute!

I loved how they had no problem climbing up on the rocks to catch the sunset.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

rae marie & craig ~ wedding Nov 8th

here's the full post of a wedding I shot on Nov 8th
some of the beautiful beach decorations at the reception

yeah, this one is over saturated, but I kinda liked it that way :-)
reminds me of a thick spaghetti sauce that's been sitting over night
(left overs often taste better). probably a bad comparison, bare with me :-)

the reception was at a beautiful home in Laguna Beach

small and intimate beach ceremony that happened right at sunset

hooray, we did it!

the ceremony and the reception were very close, so they drove
to the reception in this golf cart

first dance, aren't they sweet!